Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning for goalkeepers is extremely important, as they're expected to perform explosive movements at a moment's notice. Goalkeepers require a wide array of athletic skills to be successful—namely power, quick reflexes and great body control.

At BGK our expert Strength & Conditioning advisor can provide tailored online support, training and testing to help you no matter what your goals are. Some of the goals we’ve helped Goalkeepers achieve in the past have been…

  • To increase vertical and horizontal jump power in young Academy Goalkeepers who have not taken their growth spurt yet.

  • To decrease body fat % through proper diet and exercise.

  • To regain confidence, mobility and strength whilst recovering/returning from injuries.

We also provide our very own Goalkeeper Gym Class in Dundee. Our goalies work hard with our expert to improve the areas above week in, week out. Join today!


We offer anything that you may need support with on your Goalkeeping journey ranging from fully tailored nutrition and S&C plans. Right down to one-off advisor meetings, gym sessions or testing… all affordably priced for the grass-roots Goalkeeper!