Club Development Partnerships


Educating clubs, coaches and players on the importance of Goalkeepers is a big part of what we do. For years, Goalkeeper training has fallen far behind the training given to outfielders, this has caused countless Goalkeepers to not reach their full potential. Through our partnerships with local and international clubs and academies, we work with the whole clubs Goalkeeper setup using our self-designed BGK Club Curriculum to provide the building blocks to allow them to push on and become confident shot-stoppers.




What do we offer?


  • Weekly training sessions from one of BGK’s qualified Goalkeeping Coaches following our in-house developed fully comprehensive curriculum.

  • An open channel of communication for coaches and Goalkeepers to report back on game performance - training can then be adapted to each Goalkeepers requirements.

  • Coach Development - we work alongside clubs’ Coaches and Volunteers and actively encourage them to attend our sessions where we help to show them the relevant coaching points that young Goalkeepers require as well as providing access to our BGK Coaches guide to help develop them into confident Goalkeeper Coaches.

  • 24/7 access to support on any topic concerning Goalkeeping.

  • Exclusive access to glove and equipment discounts.

  • Discounted entry to our year-round holiday camps.



  • Do your Goalkeepers receive weekly position specific training?
  • Do you have volunteer coaches hoping to learn inside of a professional developmental environment?
  • Does a BGK Club Development Partnership sound like it would be beneficial for your club?
  • No matter where you’re located, get in touch with us to see if we can help your Goalkeepers develop into confident shot-stoppers!