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Shetland Camps October 2023

Hello everyone, 

Our coaching journey so far has taken us far and wide and one of the best parts of BGK has been the privilege of getting to work with some of Shetland's best footballing talent when we first came up to run a Summer Goalkeeper camp in 2022 as well as work with the Shetland Men's team before they travelled to play Orkney. And then again before the Island games the year after. 

Both years our camp has been fully booked and everyone, kids and coaches had a blast! 

We are super excited to be returning this October holidays but this time we thought why limit it to Goalkeepers when there will be outfielders who will want some training as well over the holidays. Together with our Outfield partners at GOAL Academy, we are bringing up specialist outfield Coach Kyle, who has experience working with Elite-level players throughout Scotland currently working with Rangers and loves nothing more than running camps with kids who want to become better football players! 

What will the Camps Consist of?

While skills and techniques are paramount in football, the mental aspect of the game often doesn't receive the attention it deserves. That's why our camps in Shetland offers more than just physical training.

  • Mindset Workshop: Understand the power of a growth mindset in sports and how it can shape an athlete's journey. We'll delve deep into the psychology of success and resilience.

  • Match Preparation: Preparation is more than just physical warm-ups. It’s about mental readiness, understanding your opponent, and setting personal objectives.

  • Dealing with Mistakes: In football, as in life, mistakes are inevitable. Our sessions will equip our young goalkeepers with tools to handle errors positively, learn from them, and not let them hinder their performance.

  • Self-analysis: A great athlete always seeks to improve. Through self-analysis, we'll teach our participants how to critique their performance constructively and identify areas of improvement.

Specialist Training & Challenges
Post the workshops, it's action time! Our athletes will then be put to the test with meticulously designed drills to challenge their agility, reflexes, positioning, and decision-making. We will simulate real match situations to make the training as practical as possible. And of course, there will be some fun challenges thrown in to keep the spirits high and the competition fierce!

Our aim with this camp is not just to produce better goalkeepers and football players but to mould well-rounded individuals who approach challenges both on and off the field with determination, humility, and a desire to learn. We are incredibly excited about returning and can't wait to meet our Shetland squad!


You are welcome to book in for both the Goalkeeper Camp (9am-12) pause for lunch and then take part in the Outfielder Camp (12:30-3:30). You will receive a 50% discounted rate for attending both however if you wish to attend both please message us either on social media or via email at:

If you would like to book in only for the Goalkeeper Camp - CLICK HERE

If you would like to book in only for the Outfielder Camp - CLICK HERE

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you all very soon! 


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