10 Top Tips for Aspiring Goalkeepers

10 Top Tips for Aspiring Goalkeepers

Beginning your Goalkeeping journey can seem daunting. To make it as a professional there are countless hurdles and obstacles you must overcome in order to be successful and set yourself up for a future of excellent goalkeeping.

Here are ten top tips for young athletes who have aspirations of being a professional Goalkeeper...

  1. Stay focused and disciplined both on and off the field.
  2. Work hard every day and be prepared to put in extra effort to improve your skills.
  3. Listen to your coaches and be open to feedback and advice.W
  4. Watch and learn from professional goalkeepers to improve your technique.
  5. Develop a strong mentality and learn to handle pressure and setbacks.
  6. Communicate effectively with your teammates and defense.
  7. Stay physically fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  8. Learn how to read the game and anticipate opponents' moves.
  9. Develop good footwork and ball-handling skills.
  10. Be patient and persistent in pursuing your goals, never give up on your dreams!

The people closest to you will be your best and most important source of support whilst on your journey, this includes your family, friends, coaches and team-mates. Check out our blog post on the importance of this social support when you get a chance! 

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